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Why Self-Message Therapy for Stress Relief and Emotional Balance

     Message is the most ancient technique used for balancing emotions and relieving stress.  Still a valid and thriving art in most countries.  Self-message is used to correct our bodies imbalances, especially for anxiety, stress and depression.  Moreover, message stimulates the nervous system, improves mood and releases tension and stress in the tissues and muscles. 

     Message increases bodily heat and the flow of life-supporting oxygen; it also improves circulation, causing the body to flush out its waste products more efficiently.  Promoting vitality, strength, stamina and flexibility, self-message also improves concentration, intelligence, confidence, esteem and youthfulness.

     Self-MessageTherapy for Balancing Emotions: 

Duration of Treatment:

Anxiety/stress: 45 minutes; early morning or early evening

Anger, frustration: 45 minutes; early or mid-morning

Depression, low energy, apathy: 60 minutes; early morning

     General Self-Message Techniques:

1. Soothing rubbing movement: Use soothing rubbing movements on the surfaces of the arms and legs. Legs from the sides of the feet to the groin. Arms: from the fingertips to the legs.

2. Pinching technique: Muscles are grasped between the forefinger and thumb, away for the bones.  Apply pinching techniques only to the following areas: chest, arms, legs and back.

3.Kneading technique: Grasp the larger muscles with the hands and coax them into vitality.  Kneading may be applied to the entire body.

     Don't forget to message your temples, scalp, face, and shoulders.  We hold so much tension in all these areas of our body.  You can use your favorite message oil as well for a deeper relaxation.   

     Self-Message for stress relief and emotional balance can be a very effective way for gaining energy and releasing tension in the mind and body.  It not only builds energy, it allows for the nervous system to relax, resore and renew itself.  Last but not least, the best thing is it's FREE.

     If you or someone you love is ready to seek help, please contact Dr. Pound at Healthier Life Therapy at  


Gretchen Pound, Ph.D, RYT, Reiki Practicioner, Ayurveda Health Counselor

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