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 Working primarily with women who are suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem  due to the challenging symptoms of ADHD is my passion.  I am a mother of two teenaged boys who both have learning disabilities.  I myself have suffered through school because I had undiagnosed ADHD. Nobody new how to help me. Being a woman with ADHD poses its challenges but can be very manageable with the right mindset and tools.

My focus on the mind-body-spirit connection developed through my own inward journey.  There came a time when I realized psychological treatment alone would not lead me to inner peace and happiness. My experiences with spirituality, energy and psychology have blended to create a firm foundation for guiding others into the complexities of their inner emotions. Blending psychotherapy with other healing modalities opens the doorway into the unconscious that allows you to fully uncover and address your  inner conflicts and helps you to connect with your true nature. 

At Healthier Life Therapy you will be welcomed by a very special healing dog named Lily. Lily's loving energy will immediately help you feel calm and relaxed.

Animals have been helping people heal from their trauma and problems for many years. Dr. Lily does this amazing thing where she just exists in the office and makes everyone's life a whole lot better. She is a rescue dog who has an innate ability to bring loving healing energy to the therapeutic space.   

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