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Eating for a Healthy Brain


Healthy eating is very important to helping improve mood, decrease anxiety and improve concentration.  Eating healthy foods such as vegtables, fruites, protein and grains can also help improve ADHD symptoms.

     Creating healthy eating habits improves racing thoughts, foggy brain and focus.  Follow these 8 easy steps to creating a healthy eating routine:

1. Eat when you're hungry

2. stop eating once your full

3. Eat slowly

4. Wait until previous food is digested before next meal.

5. Eat sitting down

6. Don't eat while upset

7.Rest for a few minutes after eating.

8. Offer gratitude for the food you are eating.

 Intuitive eating improves anxiety symptoms and hyperactivity.   Practice eating and drinking when your body needs it. Drinking plenty of water improves brain and immune function.  

     Eat mindfully by chewing slowly for 35 counts.  Set your kitchen up for successful eating by making sure you have a clean and cluter free space.  Put fresh flowers out and play gentle music. Put your phone and computer away and infuse your kitchen with soothing fragrences such as lavendar, orange peel and chammomile.  

Using grounding techniques while you're preparing your food will help improve concentration, focus and racing thoughts.  For example, feel your feet on the ground, take deep breaths and notice your body.  Walking meditation as you move around your kitchen can improve the energy of the food and of the cook.

  Practiicng mindfulness doesn't have to be a chore.  Following the above steps will help you feel rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed.  

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