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Pain and Depression

     Pain and depression are closely linked.  Depression can cause pain and pain can cause depression.  In many people, depression causes unexplained physical pain such as back pain or headaches.  This kind of pain may be the first or the only sign of depression.  

     Pain can wear you down and negatively affect your mood.  Chronic pain causes a number of problems that can lead to depression, including insomnia and stress.    

     The pain body as described by Eckhart Tolle in his book "A New Earth" is a powerful unconscious force with great momentum.  It's purpose is to continue to bring us pain.  Eckhart Tolle described pain body in his book as a 'psychic parasite' that possesses you and causes you suffering.  Pain is its food.  

     We create our own reality through our thinking, feeling and behaving in certain patterns.  Until we change them, the same problems with exist again and again, including our tendency to keep the patterns alive.  This is how we can stay stuck for along time.  Our pain body creates further pain in whatever form: anger, destructiveness, hatred, grief, emotional drama, violence, and even illness.  Pain can only feed on pain.  Pain cannot feed on joy.  

     To get symptoms of pain and depression under control, you may need separate treatment for each condition.  However, some treatments may help with both:

Psychotherapy can be effective in treating both conditions

Stress reduction

Physical activity

Developing coping skills

Exercise to increase natural endorphins 



Journal your pain level and activities every day


Decrease alcohol intake

     If you have pain and depression, get help before your symptoms worsen.  You don't have to suffer.  Getting the right treatment can help you start enjoying life again.  Call Healthier Life Therapy today at 858-224-2889.

Gretchen Pound, Ph.D., RYT, Reiki Master, Ayurveda Health Counselor

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