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Love Starts Within

Learn to cultivate love within by saying these daily affermations 10 times.

1. I am powerful

2. I have a voice

3. I am creative

4. I am worthy

5. I am lovable

6. I am intuitive

7. I am connected

Next give each affirmation a color:

1. Powerful = red

2. Voice = blue

3. Creativity = orange

4. Worthy = yellow

5. Lovable = green

6. Intuitive = purple

7. Connected = white

As you say the affirmation imagine the corresponding color.

Lastly, journal the sensations and feelings that arise after you finish saying your affirmations ten times.  

TIP:  Post your affirmations in places and spaces where you can read them outloud.  Get real and SHOUT it out.  

Congratulations! by doing this exerice you are creating new neuropathways to happiness.

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