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How to Cultivate a Positive Body Image.

The Moment your accept yourself you become beautiful. -Osho

     Loving yourself is the foundation to loving your body.  When you're obsessed with changing the way you look recognize you're perfect just the way you are.  Accepting the way you look brings you into your feminine power.  If you look for things that are wrong with you will find numerous flaws and things to change.  If you try to change them you will waste an infinite amount of time and energy that can be spent loving and accepting your radient being.  

     There are an infinite number of ways to change your body image with lotions, creams, gels and pills.  Despite our efforts to change our bodies we find ourseles overwhelmed and financially broke from spending thousands of dollars on weight loss programs, personal trainers and diet pills.  

     Although the media feeds into this inferiority complex we are responsible for what we think, how we feel and what we do.  We can choose to see your bodies as beautiful, sensual and lovable.  

     How can you accept all your imperfections?  How can you feel more comfortable in your own skin?  How can you find self-acceptance and self-compassion?  Start by honoring your body.  Thank all your body parts for everything it does for you.  For example, thank your feet for taking you everywhere you need to go.  Make a list of things you can do for self-care.  Then schedule them into your day.  Do things that you love.  Find your creativity and express it with enthusiasm. Give yourself a hug everyday and say, "I love you."

     Lastly, take time to get intuned to your body by doing yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices.  Listen to your body when it talks to you and find out what it is saying.  Once you quiet your mind you can hear what it needs.  Nurture it like you would your own child.  Love it and treat it like a treasure.  Choose to replace self-judging thoughts with kinder ones.  Don't let your mistakes define who you are. Let go of comparisons and start celebrating your greatness.  

 Be gentle with yourself.  You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars.  In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.  -Max Ehrmann




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