Psychology and Integrative Therapies

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Dr. Gretchen Pound is a Clinical Psychologist who has been in private practice since 2005 and works primarily with families, individuals, children, teens and elderly who are healing emotional trauma, resolving internal conflict and may be dealing with physical pain.  Dr. Pound completed her B.A. in Psychology at the University of New York at Buffalo.  She completed her doctorate in Psychology at California School of Professional Psychology that later merged and became Alliant International University.  


Dr. Pound is a Clinical Psychologist with a focus on mind-body-spirit connection developed through a dedication to traditional clinical psychology, yoga and meditation.  During her own inward journey, she realized psychological treatment alone would not lead to inner peace and happiness.  Her experiences with spirituality, energy and psychology have blended to create a firm foundation for guiding others into the complexities of their inner emotions.  Her use of psychotherapy, nutrition, yoga, mindfulness and energy healing open doorways into the unconscious that allows the patient to fully uncover and address their inner conflicts and confusion.  

Dr.Stephanie Wolfe earned her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University.  Prior to her clinical work, she earned a Master' Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. She received her undergraduate degree from University of Texas, San Antonio. Her internships were in community mental health and residential rehabilitation. She is currently licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in the state of California. 


Dr. Wolfe's specialty is in providing evidenced-based treatment to groups and families. Specifically, she has extensive training and experience in providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and has been developing DBT related training programs for clinical and corporate environments. Her work involves using DBT and elements of attachment and psycho-dynamic therapies to treat a variety of issues including relationship difficulties, family problems, women's issues, addiction, stress/anxiety, and depression. 

Susan Kim is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Diego, California. She earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis on Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, as well as two Bachelor’s Degrees from the University of Calgary. For over 20 years, Susan has worked with children, couples, and families heal from interpersonal trauma, and strengthen parent-child and couple relationships as well as one's relationship to oneself. 


Susan Kim combines a psychodynamic and depth psychological approach with attachment and interpersonal neurobiology to help address the difficulties that individuals and families sometimes face. She has specialized training in Infant and Preschooler Mental Health to help parents with young children who are experiencing behavioral and emotional concerns, and she provides Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a therapeutic modality that has shown to be highly effective in helping couples and families heal their relationships. 

At Healthier Life Therapy you will be welcomed by a very special healing dog named Lily.  Lily's loving energy will immediately help you feel calm and relaxed.

Animals have been helping people heal from their trauma and problems for many years.  Dr. Lily does this amazing thing where she just exists in the office and makes everyone's life a whole lot better.  She is a rescue dog who has an innate ability to bring loving healing energy to the therapeutic space.